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What Paul Pogba said in the Interview after Leicester match

On becoming captain

“I always love the club. I came in the academy, I grew up. I came from the academy, I played for the first team. For me, it was a dream come true.”

“And wearing this, it’s even more because of the past, because of the players that played here, the people that have been wearing this.”

Views on United leadership:

“It’s not having just the armband”

“I have always been talking to the team-mates”

“I am someone who is not in a role that I give to myself. Just try to help the team as much as possible, like they helped me too.”

“Having the armband, it’s not like ‘oh, I will show that I am a real captain and have to do extra work’. No, I just have to be myself and do what I know, do what I can do and do what I know to do.”

Talking about himself in comparison to the Pogba we saw at the World Cup

“I am the same, it’s the same Paul Pogba”

“It’s a different team, obviously. I am still enjoying playing football, I still love football and I still give my best with the team, for the team.”

“Like I said, when you are comfortable, when people trust with everyone or confident, are good in the head, it’s going to be easier.”

Other quotes from the interview

“What do you mean being the real Pogba?”

You have to know one thing: a player that gets chosen and is happy, you always feel more comfortable than when he’s not happy. That’s all I say”

After being pushed to respond on earlier comment:

“if you’re not happy, you cannot give your best”

“There are things and there are things that I cannot say otherwise I will get fined”

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