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Dark Horse Teams Who Could Finish Top 6 in the Premier League

There are rumours abound in the world of the Premier League that several teams are poised to break the monopoly of top clubs who preside over the other 14 sides in the English top flight, whether it’s through big investments, intense coaching or a mix of the two. The following three teams have prepared themselves for the challenge of overcoming the authority of the top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Here’s how each contender could fare and why 2019/20 could be their time to shine.


Everton are the most decorated side on this list but still, the Toffees continue to frustrate their supporters with subpar performances on the pitch. But there are hopes that that could all change with the arrival of a new season. Marco Silva has an astute mind that can turn potentiality into reality and with a talented squad like Everton are championing at the moment, their dreams of higher success could be on the cards. MichealKeane looks ready and composed while Richarlison is set to be a star in the making at just 22 years old. Throughout the closing months of the 2018/19 season, the team produced some impressive displays on the pitch, drawing with Spurs and beating Arsenal and United. In order to break the top six, Everton need to focus on consistency. If they have the right mindset and believe that they can pull off this achievement, their likelihood of doing so massively increases.

Leicester City

As with Everton, belief is key to Leicester City’s success. A club that won the title just four years ago doesn’t need reminding that in this sport, it’s all about defying the odds. And unfazed by the prospect of facing the likes of City or Liverpool, they need to focus on their outlook and maintain it. The list of exciting players Leicester City has on its side are impressive – from James Maddison to Ben Chilwell and Wildfred Ndidi led by former England striker Jamie Vardy, they have a fearless and fierce team that would trouble any of their opponents. Under a calm and collected coach like they have, this plucky team are likely to achieve great success this time around, but they might also need another campaign under Rodgers before they are firing on all cylinders.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

It once seemed unlikely that the Wanderers would steal the hearts of Premier League fans, but that’s precisely what’s happened. Gunners boss Unai Emery is reportedly working with just £40m for new signings this summer while United are in a state of disarray, so both teams could serve as easy prey for the Wolves, who are in line to outperform their expected position & expected goals (for an introduction to expected goals check out this blog by infogol). In their first season back in the promise land, they amassed 16 points against the top six sides and with some adjustments from Nuno, they could fox some of the problems that were their undoing last time. If they can collect the extra points, it could spell great success for the Wolves in cementing their authority on the pitch.

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