Why FIFA should introduce a transfer cap

As the transfer market gets more and more inflated, it’s time to introduce some limits on what clubs can spend – before money gets so much of football it’s just too far gone.

So the Pogba thing happened, and I’ll be honest, I’m jealous. As a Real Madrid fan, I wanted Pogba to join and improve the already overcrowded midfield we have because how could someone say no to one of the best young players in the world?

But, as soon as news circulated that Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, stood to make around £20m from the transfer it was clear to me that the deal was going to happen but only because Raiola wanted it to. A fee of £89m for one player is simply just too much. No matter what. I still can’t get to grips with the amount spent by football clubs. I say this as a fan of the club who inflated prices to these absolutely stupid levels.

That’s why I think a cap on transfers is needed. And I’ll explain, a cap on transfers would push the money otherwise spent to wages and agents fees – something where a cap is easily placed simply because placing a £200k a week wage limit would allow clubs to make bands of wages so players know where they stand. For example, a top player like Messi would earn the top band, whereas a player like Rakitic would earn £180k for example. This would again push money elsewhere, but then clubs would be forced into a corner where they couldn’t charge astronomical prices for season tickets, international tv rights would and should be pushed down so the average person could afford to watch their team every week wherever they were. How could they justify the prices when the costs for them aren’t there?

The amount clubs earn from TV deals borders on shameful. The Champions League deal paid by BT neared £900 billion for three seasons, but of course that is fine since the corruption at UEFA and FIFA allow such ludicrous deals to be made and the beneficiaries of such deals are the corrupt themselves. Tickets are still too expensive, and deals like the BT Sport one only makes paying for sports TV subscriptions even more expensive. And it’ll only get worse. That is why I think starting with a cap for transfer fees and wages (not to mention those agents who demand €20m from a transfer) will benefit only the fans.

Now, this is just the opinion of an angry football fan who is tired of the disconnect between the lavish, ridiculous lifestyle of those in football, and the very fans who made them. How is it clubs have forgotten the very thing that made them what they are?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, either comment below or go ahead and mention me on twitter, @kevincarreira.

Founder/Editor of SportsDictator. Premier League fan and analyst.


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