COLUMN: Football Index tip 2 from @IndexSyndicate – Who you need to avoid for now


For this column’s tip, it has gone in a different direction as opposed to saying who we recommend you purchase, we are going to say who to avoid for the time being and why.

Although they are two of the most decorated and reputable strikers in world football, the name of Suarez and Ibrahmovic have found a stumbling block which means they won’t win the BUZZ chart any time soon.

The accents about some of the letters in their names, mean that when the Index search takes place, their names don’t overlap the name they are under in their internal system, meaning that they don’t get the recognition they deserve and until this is fixed, will not be winning the BUZZ prizes unless the articles they feature in have not spelt their names correctly, with the accents and all.

Even though these two strikers are near enough guaranteed to score you goals and win their teams points, with this stumbling block it also means that there will be less users of Index purchasing their futures, resulting in their prices not going up by much, but could find themselves going down in the value list and not being considered worthwhile on this site.

Bare in mind though, this issue has been noted by the administrators of Football Index and they are said to be trying to find a solution for it, meaning that these two players should return to where they rightfully should be hopefully sooner rather than later, so keep peeled.