COLUMN: Football Index tip 1 from @IndexSyndicate – Capitalise on rashford



This column is based entirely to the discussion of Football Index, a new creation that works like the stock market, but it is entirely for football players. On this website, you can buy and sell players and buy shares, or futures as theyre referred to, in order to try and make money.

The first tip for this column based on Football Index would be Manchester United’s latest sensation, their academy graduate Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford was very much a nobody before he started the game against FC Midtjylland, the Danish Champions at Old Trafford in the Europa League. Rashford though soon made a name for himself where he scored 2 goals and was very much vital in seeing them through to the next round.

A few days later on the following weekend, he then scored another brace against Arsenal in the premier league which helped them secure a 2-0 victory. Due to this unbelievable start to his career, the hype about the home grown talent is massive, seeing as everyone in the nation is willing to back someone whos came through an academy and could become a national hero in the future.

Due to this being the case, the near Manc born striker shot up the Squad list with barely any red thumbs down, and recorded multiple thousands of thumbs up, seeming everyone wants him in their portfolio.

With him getting the call up to the 200 List, he will originally start really cheap, but within half of one day, he has already shot up to £2.11, and that’s before he has another week of fixtures in which he looks likely to start in, with club captain Wayne Rooney injured for several weeks.

If you do decide to sign Rashford, it is likely that his price will go up each week he plays, and with his goal scoring instinct, it is likely that he is going to be in the BUZZ list frequently until the more senior players return from injury.

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