Column: Points To Prove for the gunners on Sunday


WVGAfter a brave battle at the Emirates stadium, against the Spanish Giants, Barcelona, Arsenal would love to pick up where they left off in the English Premiership League and what better place to continue their title race than in the heart of Manchester.

Arsenal travel to the Old Trafford stadium this Sunday and face Manchester United. Both teams are struggling to satisfy their fans and this is by far the best time for them to meet. Manchester United are trying their very best to find a spot in the UEFA Champions League next season while Arsenal plan to end their English Premier League drought and this is is the best chance they will ever get.

Lois Van Gaal’s side is showered with injuries and they will be missing names like Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young, Bastian Schweinsteiger and even their starlet Will Keane. This has been a stressful season for the Red Devils and they can only hope for a win this Sunday, to give back to their fans’ patience and add a few more life lines to Van Gaal’s career at United. The proud Devil has really been tamed but will it bite back this Sunday or cave in?

“No team is perfect. Barcelona are not far from it.” These were the words of the French man, Arsene Wenger, before the Champions League game on Tuesday. Arsenal were defeated by 2 goals to nil and the team need to redeem their name. Everyone is waiting for Arsenal to choke – as they always do, and some people believe this already began in January. ┬áSo will they step out of the kitchen this Sunday when things get heated up in the Red Devil’s backyard?

All we can do now is wait for this fantastic game ahead of us. Who do you think is bagging the three points and who is more desperate for the win?

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